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Through Get What You Set workshops and individual coaching, scores of professionals, recent grads and students have accelerated or launched their careers by deploying our practical tips and relevant resources. Here's what some have said:

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College Administrators

"Your workshops and career course meshed very well for us, and I'm getting consistently positive feedback from students who are engaging with the material. Our Career office is now working with the students to apply your concepts and strategies. It's taking them from zero to sixty in terms of preparing them to promote themselves in the job market."

Rhonda Mack
Associate Dean, School of Business & Economics
College of Charleston (SC)

"Thanks for coming to UMass Boston and presenting such an interesting and informative workshop on developing winning personal marketing messages and job hunting strategies. The students found it very helpful! I hope that we can replicate it at a future Golden Key event as I think this can be a valuable "service" to our members."

Anita Miller
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
University of Massachusetts, Boston (MA)

Board of Directors
Golden Key International Honour Society

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Individual Clients

"Thank you for the tremendous value I got through GWYS! In today's market where so many people are applying for the same position, simply "getting in the door" is difficult. You helped me focus on the high points in my career and transform a boring resume to a personal sell out. Without GWYS I would have not found and secured my new job, let alone it being such a perfect match to my passion, skills and future career goals."

- G.F., Program Director

"While exploring your proprietary taxonomy, I became aware that I had lost sight of the wide ranging value of the work I had been doing at my company.  I always thought about my work in terms of the tasks I was performing, yet you helped me reframe my actual accomplishments with more clear and compelling terminology. I’ve felt a huge lift in my mood and confidence, as if I’ve rediscovered something about myself that I had simply misplaced.  I hope as many people as possible have an opportunity to have the same experience."

- D.B., Ph.D., Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, VP Employee Intelligence

"I am amazed at the difference your insights and strategies have made in giving me fresh ways to communicate my skills and experience. You do to resumes what Warren Buffett does to stocks: increase the value ten-fold. Thanks!"

- O.B., Attorney

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"I learned more from your seminar in 90 minutes than I have all year at the career development office."

A.S. - Smith College

"I thought your workshop (through FWA) was fantastic and wish it could have been longer! It was great to be put on the spot and really think about how we add value to our firms and how our internships can add value to our resume. I feel much more comfortable and better positioned to take on the upcoming recruitment process."

K.D. - University of Pennsylvania

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Professional Associations

"We've had world renowned authors and business leaders address our group about career development topics over the many years that I've been affiliated with HBSAB. Ira's presentation stood out because he exposed one of the most uncomfortable challenges one typically experiences in a job search or career change: the process of self-promotion. While many thought leaders speak to the issue, Ira actually presented a novel and practical way of solving it."

Richard Lange
Governor and Career Committee Chair
Harvard Business School Association of Boston

"Robyn delivered practical, real-world information and ideas to educate new grads on the interview process. Everyone in the room will think of her -- and, more importantly, put her smart advice to good use -- when they're in the hot seat vying for a job."

Tory Johnson
CEO, Women For Hire
Workplace Contributor for ABC's Good Morning America

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Workshop Participants

"Thank you for your amazing insight and energy. I was lucky to hear your presentation at the Women For Hire event and in ten minutes of clarity, humor and power, you turned my thinking around from solely focusing on the positions I held, to focusing on what I had accomplished. You are a realist with a heart and I'm glad to have met you."

A.B., Film Festival Producer

"Thank you for your networking seminar, which was expert and right on the mark. I utilized the principles you outlined that very week in my networking efforts to remarkable effect. My calls went more smoothly, my meetings were more productive, and people were more receptive."

J.R., Physician & Entrepreneur