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Interviewing As a Second Language: Questions to Ask

1. Who does this position report to?

2. What are the career pathways for this position?

3. How and when are performance evaluations conducted?

4. How would you describe the work habits and personal attributes of your ideal employee?

5. How can I make a meaningful impact upon ‘x’ (or material difference)?

6. If we’re sitting here a year from now in my review, in what 3 ways could I have exceeded your expectations?

7. In what 3 ways do you see me playing a vital role in getting things done?

8. What yardstick of achievement do you use to measure success?

9. How does this department interface with others?

10. How does this position contribute to the overall corporate mission?

11. How would you describe a typical day or week in this position?

12. What accomplishments of this department are you most proud of?

13. What would be the next “win” for this department?

14. What keeps you up at night?

15. How does the department contribute to driving revenue, increasing market share, or lowering costs?

16. How would the company be impacted if it lost its largest customer or if interest rates changed or gas prices increased?

17. In what way is the company seeking to outperform xyz competitor?

18. How is the company planning to maintain and/or grow its market position?

Smart lead-in questions:
1. What’s most important to you about…?

2. How do you select…?

3. If you could change one thing about…?

4. How have you employed…?

5. What has been your experience with…?

Smart follow-up questions to smart lead-in questions:

1. How will you deal with that?

2. How will you use that to your advantage?

3. How are you taking advantage of the “x” opportunity?

4. How much is one new customer/client worth?

5. Is there any additional information you need to evaluate my candidacy?